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Integrated Building Maintenance Services, Inc.

About Us

Integrated Building Maintenance Services, Inc. (IBMS) is a 100% woman and minority (Native American) owned janitorial services company.

IBMS believes in providing our customers with award winning service and expertise in the many facets of the building services industry. IBMS provides building maintenance and cleaning services in the greater Tampa Bay area and around the USA and Canada.

Our Mission Statement:  The goal of IBMS is to be the one call solution for our customers’ every need.  IBMS understands that people want immediate answers from a reliable source.  IBMS provides prompt follow through and dedicated employees, and delivers a client centric approach using green sustainable solutions.  IBMS visits clients routinely to identify facility maintenance goals and develops a customized, comprehensive program to meet and exceed them.

Our Core Values:

  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Reliability
  • Dependability
  • Accountability
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Corporate Vision

 IBMS Clients Can Expect:

A direct contact with company ownership and management:  Our clients don’t get transferred to different departments that aren’t familiar with them or don’t know the intricacies of the contracts and facilities.  There is no frustrating voice mail system that keeps the client from being able to speak to a live human being, and we don’t farm our telephone services overseas. To IBMS the Service Industry still means Great Service !

Proven Quality Control and staffing programs that ensure that all specifications of each client are met and/or exceeded whenever possible.

Superior employee training and development which begin at the onset of the contract. A heavy emphasis is placed on the safe use of various chemicals, equipment and on-site safety.

Our employees:  Other cleaning companies have high turnover, and new people every night. The cleaning industry has one of the highest turnover rates in the US economy.  But, IBMS has a corporate turnover rate of fewer than 7%, which is minimal compared to the national janitorial industry average of 28.50%.  IBMS pays above market wages and rapidly promotes qualified personnel internally.  Happy employees make better workers, and better workers make happy clients.

Additionally, IBMS dedicates a manager for each customer and/or facility who is a direct point of contact for the client.

How IBMS Produces Quality Janitorial Services:

Service Issue Resolution:  IBMS goal is perfection in the services we provide, but employees are human and are not perfect. What separates IBMS from other vendors is that we take immediate action to identify and rectify service-related issues.

Resolution:  Through a Quality Control Program, IBMS resolves issues the first time they’re identified and doesn’t allow performance issues to fester.

IBMS’ management visits their point of contact immediately upon notification of any problems. The issue is not closed until a signed copy of the complaint sheet is returned to the account’s manager.  Manager’s bonuses are based on how quickly complaint sheets are resolved and closed out.  This has improved customer satisfaction by 38% since implementation in 2004.

Meet our Leadership Team

Karen TownsendCEO
Our Native American founder and principle –
Karen opened her first janitorial business in Indiana in 1996 and sold it in 2004. After moving to Florida she started IBMS later in 2004 and has grown it to operations in 15 States and Canada. In 2008 she introduced ProMaka, a proprietary line of chemicals, completely sustainable and eco-friendly.
Tim McMahonSales and Operations
With over 40 years of environmental experience and 30 years in the LTC contracting arena Tim has a uniquely intimate knowledge of the national landscape. Having served as VP, SVP, and COO of several national providers Tim is skilled in analyzing, adapting, and improving performance in all sizes and types of organizations. Tim leads our workforce in the field.

IBMS looks forward to providing the best of Services

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