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“The pursuit of global environmental sustainability”

The past ten years have brought tremendous growth in the awareness of green cleaning, and the widespread adoption of green cleaning programs and practices.

”Green” products and practices have clearly helped facilities lower their impact on the environment. For example, facility managers have been able to reduce the health impact on both cleaning service workers and building occupants, reduce waste by incorporating a comprehensive recycling program, lower energy consumption and conserve water by investing in a variety of new technologies, including low-flow toilets and sinks, innovative cleaning equipment, and new plumbing systems that are capable of recycling water. (11/29/2012 | Dan Wagner)

IBMSGREEN believes in the “Sustainability” practices and solutions when putting cleaning teams to work in the facilities that we contract for. Read our FAQ section below for more information.


What does “Green” refer to when talking about cleaning products? 2017-05-18T16:14:52+00:00

The word “Green” has various definitions depending on who you ask, but the definition that we use is the one created by the EPA for the Design for the Environment Program: Green Chemistry is the use of chemistry for pollution prevention. More specifically, green chemistry is the design of chemical products and processes that are more environmentally benign. Green chemistry encompasses all aspects and types of chemical processes that reduce negative impacts to human health and the environment relative to the current state of the art. By reducing or eliminating the use or generation of toxic substances associated with a particular synthesis or process, chemists can greatly reduce risk to human health and the environment. This new approach to pollution prevention through the environmentally-conscious design of chemical products and processes is the central focus of the Green Chemistry Program.

How does IBMSGREEN help the environment? 2017-05-18T16:16:59+00:00

IBMSGREEN uses ProMaka products which are designed in accordance with the EPA Design for the Environment Program which has more earth friendly products incorporated in their formulation. Our intent when creating the ProMaka product line was to develop a line of products that were as efficient in their design as powerful in their use.

Most “Green” products that have been on the market in the past lack the strength of the “standard chemicals”, is the same with ProMaka products? 2017-05-18T16:17:51+00:00

In the past, the green products on the shelf were designed to be at a price point that was relatively the same as what was currently in the marketplace. Since the products used in these earlier products had to be price competitive, the formulation lacked the cleaning power required to get the job done properly or at least on an equal basis with the “non-green” products. ProMaka products are bench marked against the best cleaners in the market. Over the past few years more and more new raw material innovations have taken place in order to raise the performance of our products to beat most brands in the marketplace.

Does “Green” mean that I can drink the product and not get hurt? 2017-05-18T16:18:32+00:00

All chemicals should be respected and should never be used for anything other than their intended use. In the case with all of the ProMaka products we do not recommend drinking or using the products for any other use accept for the use given on the product label.

Can these products be poured down the drain and disposed of in the trash? 2017-05-18T16:19:45+00:00

IBMSGREEN uses products that should be disposed of the same way any other product with the same use would be disposed. Our products minimize the impact to the landfills, waterways, and the air we breath by the nature of their design which is to minimize the impact to the environment.

Are your products biodegradable? 2017-05-18T16:20:39+00:00

Yes, our products are biodegradable and each product varies in how quickly they biodegrade.